• Verified Profile

    Our Verified feature benefits users who have submitted matching ID’s and helps build security and trust within Circl.

    What is Verified Profile?

    Circl’s Verified stamp ensures that users have gone through a strict verification process to prove their credibility.

    • • Our Verified Profiles for landlords and tenants enable us to provide a better sense of security.
    • • Verified stamps of approval help to build trust in the Circl community.
    • • The only information shared is the age, full name, and profile photo of the user - no other personal information is released.

    How to apply

    To apply, simply:

    • • Send a photo or scan of any government-issued ID (driver’s license, passport, etc) to admin@circlapp.com;
    • • Add a profile picture that matches your government-ID;
    • • Provide official proof of current mailing address;

    Who Can Apply

    Anyone with a Circl account and government-issued ID can apply.

    How Long it Takes

    Once the necessary documents have been uploaded, you will be Verified within 48 hours.


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